EZ-TV Systems

The easy way to control all your TVs with one tablet or smart phone

Simply put, a Mesh network uses radios that communicate with each other to pass information from radio to radio until it gets to it’s destination.  This kind of system allows for very large installations as commands hop from one EZTV TV module to the next with a range of 50 feet between TV’s we can cover the largest of venues!

why EZ tv systems came about

Businesses needed a better way to control their TVs

Why the EZ-TV System was developed

Bar and restaurant owners were looking for an easy way to control the televisions they already had install without a big investment in equipment.

Our Founders

This easy tv system was developed by Jmayes Enterprises, the same company who developed Sports Bar TV Systems, the very popular bar and restaurant audio/video control system.

Affordable and pays for itself

An EZ-TV Systems fits in most business’s budget and quickly pays for itself with employee’s time saved from switching channels.

Employees will love this system

Employees will love how easy this system is to use. Customer will love they can watch the show they want on the TV near them.

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We also offer systems that can control your audio/video as well as lighting.
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