The Answer to Easily Control Multiple TVs from a Single Touch Screen

Designed for venues that already have a TV system installed to easily add unified control without rewiring.

• No wires to run, completely wireless system
• Controls all your TV’s from Tablets, Smart Phones or computers
• TVs can be operated in groups or individually
• Optional Table top or wall mount Touch panels available
• Easy install, Just connect base unit to your wifi and  place one of our Mesh Nodes at each TV or set top box
• Sports Bar TV Systems Staff provide  remote configuration setup & support
• Works with set top boxes located  at each TV or Matrix Routers
• No Monthly expenses!

How Does A Mesh Network Work?

Simply put, a Mesh network uses radios that communicate with each other to pass information from radio to radio until it gets to it’s destination.
This kind of system allows for very large installations as commands hop from one EZ-TV TV module to the next with a range of 50 feet between TV’s we can cover the largest of venues!

For more information on ordering your own EZ-TV mesh control system

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We also offer systems that can control your audio/video as well as lighting.
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